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Excellent attendance is a key factor in helping you achieve well at The Lakes School. Every year a significant number of students achieve 100% attendance, they always make very good progress and we enjoy reward them handsomely for attending school all year. We recognise that for some students maintaining 100% attendance is a challenge, particularly through illness or medical issues. We would encourage all students to keep their percentage attendance up as near to 100% as possible so that they can take maximum advantage of the excellent teaching they receive at The Lakes School.

We have 190 teaching days in the school year and taking just 10 days off due to illness or family commitments can drop your attendance down to just below 95%. Just 5 days off in the year can quickly drop your attendance down to approximately 97%. Students who make the best progress in school generally have an attendance figure that is higher than 97% and we would encourage everyone who attends The Lakes School to try and keep their attendance above this figure. It’s not only the students who achieve 100% attendance that we like to reward and, should you achieve an attendance figure of 97% or higher, we will also be rewarding you through house and whole school assemblies.

The Lakes School Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

The Lakes School is committed to improving the life chances of all learners. We believe sincerely that all pupils benefit from the education we provide, and therefore from regular school attendance. In order to achieve this we will take appropriate action to ensure that all pupils achieve the maximum possible attendance and that any problems, which may impede full attendance, are acted on as quickly as possible. The school places such high regard on school attendance that we have a permanent, dedicated Attendance Officer who knows the pupils well and works closely with the Tutors, Directors of Progress and Directors of Learning, Deputy Headteacher, and Education Welfare Officer. The importance of good attendance is communicated through assemblies and parents meetings. The school also celebrates individual and group attendance achievements each term in awards assemblies.


The Lakes School aims to ensure that through excellent attendance:

  • All pupils have an equal right, and access to, an education in accordance with the National Curriculum, or agreed alternative.
  • No pupils will be deprived of their education opportunities by, either their own absence or lateness, or that of other pupils.

It is recognised that:

  • The majority of pupils want to attend school to learn, to socialise with their peers, and to prepare themselves fully to take their place in society.
  • A minority of pupils and their parents/carers may need to be supported and rewarded at some stage in meeting their attendance obligations and responsibilities.
  • It is the responsibility of parents/carers to ensure their children’s attendance at school as required by law (ref Section 7, 1996 Education Act).


The Lakes School expects that all our pupils will:

  • Attend school regularly.
  • Arrive on time and be appropriately prepared for the day as stated in our Home / School agreement which parents are asked to sign when their child starts school.
  • Carry out any work provided by the school during an authorised leave period.

The Lakes School expects that parents will:

  • Endeavour to keep health appointments out of school hours when possible.
  • Inform a member of staff of any reason or problem that may hinder their child from attending school.
  • Fulfil their legal responsibilities and ensure their child/ren attends school.
  • Contact school, as soon as is practical whenever their child is unable to attend school.
  • Seek permission from the school for any leave of absence. The Headteacher has the right to refuse authorised attendance in accordance with LA guidelines.

Parents and children can expect the following from the school:

  • Regular, efficient and accurate recording of attendance.
  • Early contact when a pupil is absent without explanation.
  • Action on any attendance problem notified to the school.
  • Referral of specific attendance issues to supporting agencies where appropriate.

We encourage attendance by:

  • Consistent, clear communication with parents and pupils about the importance of regular and prompt attendance.
  • Setting targets for improved attendance and sharing these with Governors, parents/carers and pupils.
  • The accurate completion of registers at the start of each session, or within 15 minutes of the start of each session.

The school responds to non-attendance by:

  • Monitoring the level of attendance of all individual students; all tutor groups; all year groups and the whole school.
  • Contacting parents on the first day of an absence if no reason has been received (Contact will be by telephone from the schools Attendance Officer).
  • If there is no response to the first telephone contact all telephone contacts will be tried and messages left to seek an explanation for the unexplained absence.
  • Where a pattern of non-attendance is emerging the parent/carer is invited to visit school to meet with the Director of Progress and or Learning to help resolve the difficulties and set targets for improved attendance. The meeting would normally involve – the child, parent/carer, and the child’s Director of Progress and the school attendance officer .

Where there is no response to school intervention and where the absence or pattern of absence has persisted without explanation the school can refer the pupil to the Education Welfare Officer. Once the pattern of absence meets the service referral criteria, which is usually where attendance over a period of time (a minimum of 6 weeks) is below 90%. Those below 90% attendance are all monitored by the school attendance officer and EWO, if no improvement occurs an in school attendance panel is convened.

The purpose of the attendance panel is set out in the document – ‘Cumbria County Council Education Welfare Service Attendance Panels’ September 2003.

Where school based interventions including meetings with parent/carer; target setting; and attendance panels have not resulted in an improvement in a child’s attendance, the child would then normally be referred to the LA and legal action may proceed to ensure regular school attendance.

Maintenance of Attendance Register

Attendance codes are entered by the Attendance Officer. Tutors registration requires only the use of codes for present (/\), and, no reason yet provided for absence (N).

Requests for Leave of Absence

Requests for leave of absence, during term time, should be put in writing for the attention of the Headteacher at The Lakes School.

Any leave of absence of 10 days or more must be reported by the school to the local authority.

The cost of holidays or the work rotas of parents cannot be considered exceptional circumstances. Neither can a return to a country of origin, as the government considers that this could be done in the school holidays.

Requests for a leave of absence to further a child’s gifts or talents will continue to be considered.

Review date July 2015

Students with 100% attendance in a week will automatically receive a merit!

Tutor Groups with the highest attendance in a week will receive a merit!

Attendance During One School YearDays Absent in the YearWhich is Approximately Weeks AbsentWhich is this many lessons missedAnd Means Persistent Absence Over 5 Years
95%9.5 Days2 Weeks50 Lessons1/4 of a Year
90%19 Days4 Weeks100 Lessons1/2 of a Year
80%38 Days8 Weeks200 Lessons1 Year
70%57 Days11.5 Weeks288 Lessons1 1/2 Years
60%76 Days15 Weeks375 Lessons2 Years
50%95 Days19 Weeks475 Lessons2 1/2 Years
First Day Calling

Should a student fail to turn up to school in the morning and we are not sure of the reasons why, we will make a phone call to their parents to establish that they are safe. This is an extremely important part of the way The Lakes School cares for your child and safeguards their well being. We will always endeavour to contact parents before 10am if we are unsure of the whereabouts of a student.

Please help us to avoid unnecessary worry by always informing us if your child is going to be absent. Thank you.

Medical Appointments

Fitting in medical appointments around work and school commitments can prove quite challenging but we would like to encourage all parents to minimise the amount of time their child misses through medical appointments. If possible, we would like all students who have a medical appointment on any given day to attend morning and afternoon registration and as much of their lessons as possible before being collected and taken to a medical appointment. For example, should you need to take your child to an appointment at 10.30am we would like to encourage you to send your child into school on that day so that they can register and attend lesson 1 and then be collected later on in the morning. We recognise that this may not always be possible but we would like to urge you to try and minimise the amount of lesson time missed due to medical or dental appointments.

Holidays during term time

In accordance with national guidelines and our school attendance policy, we will not authorise absence for family holidays. In exceptional circumstances we may well take certain factors in to consideration but as a matter of course please do not be offended if you request authorisation for a family holiday and we refuse that request. The vast majority of holidays taken during school term time will be recorded as unauthorised on your child’s attendance record. In accordance with our school and Cumbria County Council policy, where absence exceeds 10 days during any period or year, we may choose to refer your case for prosecution through the Local Authority.

If you would like to request permission for leave of absence for your child then please download and complete the Leave of Absence Request Form below, returning it to school reception for the attention of our attendance team.

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