Year Eleven - XI

Welcome to Year 11, a busy and hugely important year as you head towards your summer exams and the completion of your coursework across all of your subjects. Your teachers will be giving you every opportunity to achieve your best, they will be expecting you to meet tight deadlines and to arrive at lessons with an excellent attitude to learning. They will also be expecting you to maintain a healthy balance between your work and leisure time so keep up with your sporting, outdoor and creative activities as they provide an important break from your studies.

You will be thinking carefully about next year and the opportunities available to you and again, the staff at The Lakes School are here to help you with your choice of sixth form courses or apprenticeships. It is useful at this time to begin looking at university requirements and the qualifications you will need to follow a particular career. Again, the Russell Group Informed Choices document may offer some helpful guidance for you as you consider your options. During Year 11 there will be a sixth form choices evening for you and your parents to attend to learn more about the A-Level choices available at The Lakes School. You can also find out more in our sixth form prospectus below.

Work hard and make the most of Year 11. The grades you get this year can open up opportunities throughout the rest of your life.


The Year 11 curriculum at The Lakes School is designed to help you continue the momentum you have built up from Year 10. The diagram below shows the number of lessons you will study for each of your subjects. Each of the blocks represent a one hour lesson across your two week timetable.

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Parent feedback about The Lakes School

Thank you to our Year 11 parents who took the time to complete a survey at our recent Year 11 parents evening. We use all of the feedback we receive to help us improve the service we provide to our students and their parents. Below you will find some of the comments made by Year 11 parents on January 19th 2016.

  • Teachers are thorough when discussing a child’s education.
  • Very good at teaching children, very helpful and supportive of families.
  • Caring.
  • All teachers very welcoming, friendly and easy to talk to.
  • A good range of extra-curricular activities available.
  • A good caring community.
  • I am pleased with all teaching aspects shown to my child, and appreciate all views to guide my child in the right direction.
  • Pastoral care and taking into account of individuality, teachers are supportive and care about pupils and getting the best from them.
  • Teachers have lots of time to explain and discuss the pupils. Offers of after school help is very good.
  • I have seen an improvement over the last year in the schools attitude towards bullying and thankfully my son seems a lot happier. My daughter is coming up to GCSEs and feels that she is getting support from her teachers.
  • Friendly, the school cares about the children and is approachable if there is a problem.
  • Inspiring teachers.
  • Good communication with parents.
  • Excellent pastoral care.
  • Family atmosphere.
  • Friendly greetings.
  • Clear expectation of work to do (this has improved).

Follow the link below to view a summary of the responses to our Year 11 parent survey which took place on January 21st 2015.

Y11 Parent Evening Feedback

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