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A useful selection of links and tips delivered by staff at The Lakes School to aid study over this period of social distancing.


Reading matters

Research proves that children who read every day perform better in reading tests and develop a wider vocabulary, increased general knowledge and competent communication skills. Furthermore, research shows that reading for pleasure is strongly linked to academic progress.

Reading for 20 minutes a day will enable children to maintain their current level of reading whereas reading for just 30 minutes a day will increase their level.

Tips for supporting your child with reading:

It is a common misconception that students at secondary school no longer enjoy reading with others. Encourage your child to discuss the books they have read and enjoyed. Encourage them to read as much as they can: books, news articles, recipes, reviews, advertisements. They could read aloud to you, to younger siblings as well as reading independently.

Asking children questions about the books they are reading improves their comprehension, their vocabulary and their confidence.

  • What did you like/dislike about the book?
  • Why do you think the character behaved in that way?
  • If you were to change the title of the book, what would you change it to? Why?
  • Do any of the characters share the same qualities as you?
  • How did the ending of the book make you feel?
  • If you could change one think in the story, what would it be?

Please find below 25 recommended reads for teenagers:




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