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We inspire young people to be ambitious, creative and to develop a lifelong love of learning.


With every student having a broad range of experiences and challenges, both inside and outside the classroom, and receiving first class teaching to ensure that they achieve their full potential.


We challenge young people to achieve the high standards we set for them and encourage them to be proud of their achievements.


To be a centre for learning for our whole community and, through this, to provide the best possible opportunities for every person who uses the school.


We empower young people to become skilled, knowledgeable, independent and socially aware.

A lovely piece of news today about 'Poetry By Heart' successes.

Zuzana Kristlova has been awarded the position of 'Runner-up' in the regional section of the competition and Lucy Taylor 'Commended' in the same Cumbrian heat.

For those of you who saw the in-school competition, you will remember how wonderfully these two girls recited their two poems.

A huge thank you to Mrs Parry for inspiring our students through Poetry by Heart.

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Thanks to Miss Nunes for this week’s Duolingo Podium. We’ve noticed an increase in points recently; always great to have a bit of healthy competition. 🏆 ...

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📸 Mrs Jones received an amazing set of entries for her recent photo competition and you can see the shortlisted entries below. After a period of anonymised voting, we look forward to announcing the winning photos from the shortlisted entries below. Thanks to Mrs Jones for inspiring our photographers and we hear that a calendar may be published later in the year ready for 2021! ...

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🧮 This weeks puzzle:

A room contains a group of minions. Each minion has either one eye or two eyes. In the room there are three times as many minions with two eyes as there are with one eye. In total there are 329 eyes in the room. How many minions in the room have two eyes?

Answer to last week’s puzzle: 2000. Rather than working it out as it initially looks you can group together all the 19’s and 81’s to make 20 x 81 + 20 x19. Because you have 20 of each number you can change this to 20 x 100 = 2000.
Samuel Taylor – a very impressive time, well done!

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🏙 Year 8 have been designing and building earthquake proof buildings!

Thank you to Mrs Jones for inspiring our engineers of the future. 🌍

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