If you are finding things difficult for any reason you can talk to any member of staff who will always be able to help by putting you in touch with someone who understands your difficulties. There are a number of staff at The Lakes School who are skilled at working with young people to help them through difficult times. Your first point of contact is likely to be your Form Tutor but you may prefer to speak to another member of staff who you think can help you; this is ok.

Our Student Development Team work closely with local mental health services and can help young people access a wide range of community based support. The first step is always to speak to your parents or someone at The Lakes School so that we can discuss how you feel and then decide on the most suitable support. We know that sometimes it takes a lot of courage to talk to someone and to ask for help but we hope that you can trust us as we have your best interests at heart and we are keen to help.

Our ‘who can you go to for help?‘ posters are all around school and they help you decide who to talk to if you are finding things difficult.¬†

Remember, talking to someone you trust is the most important thing you can do if you are finding things difficult.

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