Our Vision The Lakes School is: A place of excellence and enjoyment where each person strives to fulfil their potential in academic, personal and physical development by being challenged to be their best, A caring place where each person sees that their own contribution and is respected and valued as an individual, A place of partnership between young people, parents, staff and governors and our wider local, national and international communities.

Our Values Be enthusiastic about learning, Try to fulfil your potential, Be equipped to learn, Get involved in the challenging opportunities offered, Make a positive contribution to the school and community, Show respect to all others in the community, Be healthy and active, Develop high quality relationships, Care for each other, Respect our unique environment and appreciate its impact on our culture

Caring At The Lakes School, we keep every student safe and secure so that they can learn with confidence, and where consideration for others and self discipline are developed.

Learning At The Lakes School, every student can access a broad range of experiences and challenges, both inside and outside the classroom, and receives first class teaching to ensure that they fulfil their potential.

Community The Lakes School is a centre for learning for our whole community and, through this, we provide the best possible opportunities for every person who uses the school.

We believe in a broad and personalised curriculum...

At the heart of the school is our inclusive curriculum that inspires, challenges and empowers young people. This vision for our curriculum shapes everything we do to ensure that all of our students leave The Lakes School and go on to live a rewarding life. We may be a small school, but our dedicated staff provide a curriculum that is rich with so many opportunities and experiences that respond to the needs and interests of our students. 

Students at The Lakes School study a wide range of subjects and many benefit from our personalised curriculum offer which helps them develop the skills, knowledge, qualities and abilities they need to reach the high standards we set for their achievement.

You can read more on our curriculum page and on our dedicated subject pages.

A devoted Governing Body...

Our governing body takes an active interest in all aspects of the school and takes its work very seriously. Contact between parents and the governors is always welcome and may be made through the Clerk to the Governors or direct to the Chair of Governors. Ofsted visited The Lakes School in May 2015 and commented on the strengths of The Governing Body, stating that it provides strong and focused leadership and acts swiftly and decisively to ensure the school improves. Ofsted also stated that The Governing Body have a good understanding of information about students’ progress and the quality of teaching. You can find out more about our Governing Body on our dedicated page by clicking here.

A hub for the community...

The Lakes School is the community school for the central part of the South Lakes area. We aim to serve our community by providing the best possible experience for its young people, but we also believe in developing links with the wider community. Our school facilities are used by a wide range of people and organisations. We work with a range of partners to offer an increasing range of high quality sporting and other opportunities and through this, we aim to lift the aspirations, expectations and achievements of the whole community with The Lakes School very much at its heart. Students in Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 can participate in work experience programmes with local businesses. Such placements enhance student knowledge, skills and understanding as a preparation for future careers. In recent years, Key Stage 3 students have taken part in a wide range of community projects within the local community, including building benches for local parks and working with conservation organisations on fence repairs, bulb planting and clearing Himalayan Balsam. Many of our students are also actively involved with community clubs and societies ranging from the dramatic, including performing in the annual pantomime with The Lakes Players, hosted at The Lakes School, to local sporting and recreational clubs and societies.

We encourage academic excellence...

We believe strongly that all students, whatever their ability, should be encouraged to fulfil their individual potential and their ambitions. Our target setting approach means that all students aim high. The Lakes School is building a strong reputation for enabling students of all abilities to make excellent progress. We have developed five Assessment Points throughout the year and provide parents with a progress report at each one. In partnership with parents we have recently made significant improvements to our reports so that they include information about your child’s attendance, behaviour, merits and Attitude to Learning. We find that this approach helps to develop a strong partnership between students, parents and teachers at The Lakes School.

We know the importance of Sport and Adventure...

Physical activity, sport, competition, outdoor learning, adventure, learning through failure, teamwork and learning to manage risk are all important experiences that play a key role in shaping the type of person you become. 

PE, sport and outdoor education are key parts of our wider curriculum our specially trained PE and outdoor education staff provide too many experiences to mention; the challenge will be deciding which ones you’ve got time to take part in! We believe that competing against other schools builds character and respect and experiences in the outdoor environment build resilience and resourcefulness, as well as helping young people to value the importance of their spiritual and mental health by safely making the most of their wonderful surroundings.

Our outdoor and adventure curriculum is rooted in the importance of the journey. We believe in the growth and connectivity that comes from planning and taking part in a group journey on land or on water, in sun or in snow and where the environment may be familiar or unfamiliar. 

Our enrichment activities help to build confidence...

There are a rich variety of opportunities available to our students outside of the formal curriculum at The Lakes School. Our students are actively encouraged to get involved in the many activities available to them and the school offers a number of clubs on a regular basis. After school activities include art, craft, debating, drama, IT and computing, music, science, technology and textiles, as well as revision classes in National Curriculum subjects.

We are fortunate to occupy a stunning location at the centre of the Lake District. The school itself is well resourced and is set in extensive playing fields with a modern floodlit artificial turf pitch. We ensure that all of our students access a wide range of outdoor education activities so that they learn to make the most of their beautiful surroundings. Whatever your interests, The Lakes School is a great place to balance your academic studies with amazing enrichment activities.

Our students have a voice…

Our students play an important part in the life of the school and we enjoy giving them a strong voice which they use to help us in the running of the school. They express their views in the knowledge that they will be heard and we enjoy working closely with ‘Action Groups’ who are teams of students who bring projects to life. We provide students with a budget for them to spend on agreed projects and our students always play a key role in in the appointment process of new staff to the school. Our students know that they can come to us with ideas and plans for events and fundraising activities and we just love saying yes – go ahead and make it happen! Time and again, our students organise amazing events and prove that we can put our trust in them. If you are full of ideas and you love making things happen then this is the school for you. You can view our dedicated School Council page by clicking here.

We are strong on pastoral support...

When people visit they tell us that they are overwhelmed by the calm and respectful atmosphere that pervades the school. In the classroom, we know that this environment helps students to reach their full potential. We place a great deal of importance on high quality relationships between students, their peers and all adults working at our school, and believe that this contributes to the excellent attitudes of our students. These positive relationships reflect the size and friendliness of the school. We know that our students of all ages are very appreciative of our teachers’ efforts in providing them with inspirational teaching and a wide range of extra curricular activities. We communicate regularly with our parents about their child’s behaviour and attendance through our text messaging service. Our parents tell us regularly how much they appreciate being kept up to date and we know that it leads to a strong partnership between your child, yourselves and The Lakes School. We all welcome the opportunity to discuss with you your child’s achievements, behaviour and attendance. We do not tolerate bullying of any kind. If relationships between students do become difficult, then this is acted on swiftly before problems can develop. Our experienced pastoral support staff work closely with CAMHS, the school nurse, our Education Welfare Officer and a wide range of other professionals to ensure that your child is well supported. Our pastoral team meet at 8.30am every morning to discuss students who may need support during the day and this ensures that we are responding to the needs of all of our students on a daily basis.

We have a strong reputation for learning support...

The Lakes School prides itself on being an inclusive school, catering for all children from the community. The Learning Support Department consists of teachers and teaching assistants who provide specialist teaching and in-class support for students with a wide variety of needs.  The Learning Support Team also includes senior staff and our Pastoral Managers so that we can consider a child’s learning needs alongside their achievement, Attitude to Learning, behaviour and attendance. Our learning support staff are extremely well qualified with a wide range of skills and knowledge to provide just the right support to meet the needs of your child. We are well known for building strong partnerships with parents of children with specific learning needs and we will always involve you in making decisions about how best to support your child. Visit our dedicated Learning Support page for more information by clicking here.

Our Sixth Form: a balance of excellence & enjoyment...

We are justifiably proud of our excellent Sixth Form and our wonderful students who seem to make amazing things happen every week of the year. Our students consistently achieve results well above the national average and most go on to secure places at their first choice university. An increasing number of students also secure prestigious apprenticeship placements at companies across the north-west. Our Sixth Form students are super role models and they are always at the heart of the organisation of whole school events like fundraising for charity or our hugely successful 50th anniversary celebrations. Many of our students receive training on how to be a Peer Mentor, a prestigious role at The Lakes School, caring for younger students. We know that being a Sixth Form student is an important step towards adulthood and independence but we know you still need our best care and support. This is why we provide you with a dedicated area for your studies, talk to you regularly about your career aspirations and formally review your progress in each subject you are studying throughout the year. Our dedicated team will support you with your studies, your attendance, your life outside of school and your future. During our Ofsted inspection in May 2015, the lead inspector said that our Sixth Form students were ‘effusive’ about their school. Why not visit the Year 12 and Year 13 pages on our website to find out why our students love their Sixth Form so much and we look forward to welcoming you soon – for a visit, or as a student!

A smooth transition is our priority…

We pride ourselves on the warm welcome we provide for students who are new to The Lakes School. We know the importance of spending time with Year 6 teachers and support staff in local Primary schools so that we can ensure things are fully in place to ensure new Year 7 students enjoy a smooth start to their time at The Lakes School. 

We are very proud to be able to say that we can absolutely rely on our older students to extend the hand of friendship, care and support when new students join us at The Lakes; our students are instrumental in creating the warm family atmosphere that we regard as so precious.

We organise so many opportunities each year for local Primary school children to take part in activities at The Lakes School and our staff treasure the time they spend inspiring young children. 

We are always pleased to welcome new students on an in-year transfer; this means joining us part way through the year in any year group. We know that transferring to The Lakes School on your own can be a challenging time but we are always happy to welcome students for a visit with their parents so that they can meet Mr Cunningham, take a tour of the school and make some new friends before joining us. Simply call reception to arrange a meeting with Mr Cunningham on 015394 40810.

We believe in rewarding our students...

So many of our students shine everyday, whether that is in the classroom, during extra-curricular activities, caring for others during social time, in a leadership role or being great ambassadors for The Lakes School out in the community. It will be no surprise then that we really do believe in rewarding our students. We asked them to help with the development of our reward scheme which you can see by following the link here. We also bring the whole school together at the end of each term for a celebration assembly where we present a wide range of awards for achievements in subject areas, attendance, behaviour, Attitude to Learning, leadership, contribution to the community and a wide range of other areas including sport. These are highlights in our year and we look forward to them every term.

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