So, now you are in Year 9 you will be really gathering pace towards your GCSE courses. You will have already made a small choice about which technology and creative arts subjects to study but this year you have some big decisions to make and we are here to help you make them. You probably already have an idea about which subjects you wish to study at GCSE but it is important that you keep an open mind, think carefull about your future and do your research in to which subjects you need to study to pursue a certain career. You should also spend time talking to your parents and your teachers as they will be a huge help to you as you try to decide between the many options available.

The Russell Group of universities produce an Informed Choices booklet which you can find on the school website in the ‘Your Future’ section. This will help you make those important decisions about which subjects to study should you be interested in pursuing a certain career. Our guided choices booklet will provide you with information about the subjects we offer at The Lakes School.

We will also talk to you about courses that are available at Kendal College where a number of students go during Year 10 and 11 for a day a week to complete a vocational course.

During Year 9, your teachers will need to see you working hard with an excellent attitude to learning so that you are in the best position to rise to the challenges of Year 10.

Now that you are in Year 9 your curriculum is geared towards the subjects you will choose as your Key Stage 4 options. I am sure you will already be enjoying the small options choice you made at the end of Year 8 and also looking forward to the important options decision you will be making after Christmas. Your teachers will be expecting you to work even harder this year with a great Attitude to Learning so that you are fully prepared for the demands of Key Stage 4.

The diagram below shows the subjects you will be studying during Year 9. Options A, B and C are chosen from Art, Dance, Drama, Catering, Resistant Materials and Textiles. Each of the blocks represent a one hour lesson across your two week timetable.

GCSE Options Choices

Year 9 is an important year as you will make decisions about some of the subjects you would like to study in years 10 and 11. It is important that you discuss your options with your parents and your teachers and think carefully about the subjects you enjoy, your progress and your attitude to learning. You should also think about your career plans but don’t worry if you haven’t, the best thing to do is choose subjects that will help you get the highest grades you can.

Below you will find links to information about the compulsory subjects you will study during Key Stage 4 along with detailed information about each of the options subjects we offer at The Lakes School. Sometimes, we may not be able to offer certain subjects if too few students choose them so it’s always helpful to have an alternative choice in mind just in case.

Please click on the link below to access the latest subject specific information for each of our GCSE and BTEC Options, including details about our core curriculum at Key Stage 4.



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