Your teachers will be working extremely hard to help you make progress in all of your subjects. One of the most important things they will be doing is providing you with very specific feedback about how you can improve your work and help you achieve the highest possible grades but, achieving well is not just down to your teachers. I am sure you know that but there are a number of things that you can bring with you to your lessons that will help you achieve the highest grades you can.

Let me ask you this question, are you an outstanding learner? You might think you are but I wonder how many times you have tried something and given up or just thought I can’t do this or not asked for help when you are really stuck or I mean when you have found something really difficult or maybe you have shyed away from taking a risk in lessons, you didn’t put your hand up when you thought you knew the answer but you wish you had when someone else said it.

Well, take a look at the work our students have done on attitude to learning and outstanding learning behaviours, things that you can work on and bring to your lessons to help you respond well to your teachers and make rapid progress in all of your subjects. You can find out about how to become an outstanding learner by looking at the Outstanding Learners section of our website.

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