The Lakes School Leadership Academy has been developed to help all students develop leadership skills during their time at the school. We have an ever increasing range of leadership opportunities on offer and they are designed to help our students develop the skills that will help them become successful now, and in later life.

Through taking on a leadership role at The Lakes School, students gain confidence from public speaking, they learn to take control of situations when things don’t go to plan and to care for others when they are working with younger children.
Taking on a leadership role at The Lakes School is very much about learning to make things happen!

Which leadership positions would you apply for at The Lakes School?
Take a look below to find out more.

Head Boy and Head Girl
These are extremely prestigious positions in the school’s Leadership Academy and are open to Sixth Form students. Hotly contested, students who interested in these positions have to set out what they will do to represent the students as they help to improve the school. You may also help at school events, speak at awards evenings and have regular meetings with Ms Rainey about your ideas.

Senior Prefects
Once in the Sixth Form, students can apply to be a male or female Senior Prefect. As a Senior Prefect, you will actively help to improve the school and work closely with Mr Hardy to develop opportunities for Sixth Form students. You may also help at school events and have regular meetings with Ms Rainey.

School Council Member
As a member of the School Council, you will have the ultimately responsibility for listening to the views of the students and liaising with staff and people within the community to help improve the school. You may become the Chair or Vice-chair of the School Council. You will be expected to invite key people to your meetings and discuss solutions to problems.

Charities Committee Member
Every year, the charities committee helps to raise hundreds of pounds for local and national charities. As a member of the charities committee, you will be actively involved in fundraising on behalf of the whole school.

Peer Mentor
Sometimes, younger students need a familiar face, someone to see them around school and make them feel as though they belong to the school. Someone to help them solve problems and to look after them when they are feeling disorganised or unhappy. As a Peer Mentor, your role would be to do just that – to care for younger students who might just need someone to look out for them and make them feel good about themselves. Being a Peer Mentor at The Lakes School is one of our most responsible positions so you would need to be a caring and emotionally intelligent person to take on this role.

Young Global Leader
Our Young Global Leaders care for the world. They also care for Cumbria, The Lake District and the community around The Lakes School. So much so that they run activities and a conference for primary school students and get involved in recycling and flying the flag for sustainability, Eco status and caring for the environment.

Sports Leader
There are so many opportunities for you to take on the role of being a sports leader at The Lakes School. Coaching in lessons and also leading activities during lunchtime and after school clubs are all available in your favourite sports. You could even lead activities with our local primary school children.

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