Looking for our term dates or for key events in the school year? You’ve come to the right place. Click the button below for the latest term dates. On this page, you can also find dates for parents evenings, options evenings and many more events that shape our school year. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Simply call reception and we’ll be only too pleased to help.

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our events below.

Annual Awards EveningTBC 19.30-20.30
Open MorningTuesday 20th September 20229.30-13.00
Open EveningThursday 22nd September 202217.30-20.00
Y7 Settling in Parents EveningThursday 6th October 202216.00-18.00
Sixth Form Open EveningThursday 10th November 202217.30-19.30
Y9 Parents EveningThursday 1st December 202216.00-19.00
Y12/13 Parents EveningThursday 5th January 202316.00-19.00
Y9 GCSE Choices EveningThursday 12th January 202317.30-19.30
Y11 Parents EveningThursday 19th January 202316.00-19.00
Y10 Parents EveningMonday 13th March 202316.00-19.00
Y8 Parents EveningThursday 11th May 202316.00-19.00
Y7 Parents EveningThursday 8th June 202316.00-19.00
Whole School Careers Event 'Curious Minds'Wednesday 14th June 20239.00-13.20
Year 6 Transfer DayTuesday 20th June 20239.00-15.10
Year 6 Parents Uniform EveningWednesday 21st June 202317.00-19.00
Y11 Leavers Prom Friday 30 June 202318.00-22.00
Sports DayThursday 6th July 20239.00-15.10
DofE Gold Expedition10th - 14th July 2023
DofE Silver Expedition19th - 21st July 2023
DofE Bronze Expedition19th - 20th July 2023
A-Level Results Day 2023TBC9.00-12.00
GCSE Results Day 2023TBC9.00-12.00

TERM DATES 2022-2023

Half TermTerm begins onTerm ends at 3.10pm on
Autumn 1Wednesday 7th September 2022Thursday 20th October 2022
Autumn 2Monday 31st October 2022Friday 16th December 2022
Spring 1Tuesday 3rd January 2023Friday 17th February 2023
Spring 2Monday 27th February 2023Friday 31st March 2023
Good FridayFriday 7th April 2023
Easter MondayMonday 10th April 2023
Summer 1Monday 17th April 2023Friday 26th May 2023
Early May Bank HolidayMonday 1st May 2023
Additional May Bank HolidayMonday 8th May 2023
Summer 2Monday 5th June 2023Friday 21st July 2023
Training Day Arrangements
Training Day 1Monday 5th September 2022
Training Day 2Tuesday 6th September 2022
Training Day 3Friday 21st October 2022
Training Day 4Twilight Sessions x2
Training Day 5Twilight Sessions x2

TERM DATES 2023-2024

Half TermTerm begins onTerm ends at 3.10pm on
Autumn 1Wednesday 6th September 2023Thursday 19th October 2023
Autumn 2Monday 30th October 2023Wednesday 20th December 2023
Spring 1Thursday 4th January 2024Friday 9th February 2024
Spring 2Monday 19th February 2024Thursday 28th March 2024
Good FridayFriday 29th March 2024
Easter MondayMonday 1st April 2024
Summer 1Monday 15th April 2024Friday 24th May 2024
Early May Bank HolidayMonday 6th May 2024
Summer 2Monday 3rd June 2024Friday 19th July 2024
Training Day Arrangements
Training Day 1Monday 4th September 2023
Training Day 2Tuesday 5th September 2023
Training Day 3Friday 20th October 2023
Training Day 4Twilight Sessions x2
Training Day 5Twilight Sessions x2