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We all love being rewarded for working hard and behaving well and the students at The Lakes School are proud to have helped to shape the rewards system that we have in place. The School Council, in conjunction with the Head Boy and the Head Girl, helped us set up our rewards system during the spring term of 2014 and The Lakes School Trust provided us with a cash injection of £5,000 to launch the rewards system.
All of the staff at The Lakes School are encouraged to look out for students who are meeting our high expectations so that they can give students a yellow commendation slip which they then pop their names on and post through the reception letterbox to be recorded. And here is where the fun starts. Every Monday we present a house trophy to the house who has received the highest number of commendations during the previous week and they get to go in first for dinner. We then also draw out randomly a winner from KS3, a winner from KS4 and a winner from KS5 to receive a £5 voucher of their choice. Amazon vouchers seem to be really popular but there are also others available including WH Smiths, Argos and Waterstones for example. If you think that’s great then wait for this bit!
We believe that you should all as individuals receive rewards for meeting the expectations of the school, so let me explain to you what happens as you receive an increasing number of commendations at The Lakes School. Your merit total starts from zero at the start of September every year. The snazzy totalisers below show what happens as you pass key stepping stones on your journey towards your end of year total.

20 Commendations = £5 gift voucher

40 Commendations = £10 gift voucher

60 Commendations = £15 gift voucher

80 Commendations = £20 gift voucher

100 Commendations = £25 gift voucher

So in any one year you could, just through working hard and meeting the high expectations of the school,
receive £75 of gift vouchers in recognition for being a fantastic member of The Lakes School Community.

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