The Lakes School Badges

The Lakes School Badges is a rewards system to acknowledge the extraordinary tasks and activities you have all been undertaking.
With 5 badges on offer there is something for everyone to get involved.
Perhaps organising a small sporting event like a family sports day. You could also try a creative activity like writing, building, painting, singing or acting.

Helping the community is something that is especially important at the moment whether it’s helping brothers and sisters with school work, doing your chores around the house or even something further afield like delivering shopping to neighbours. For those that like to care for the planet there are also environmental things you could do like recycling, growing vegetables, planting flowers and up-cycling as well!

Please click on a badge to download the related application form:

When you have gained the first four badges you may apply for The Lakes School Gold Badge.

Please look at The Lakes School Badges Handbook for ideas on how to gain each of the badges.
In order to apply for any of the badges please click on the link at the bottom of each application form.
If you are currently in year 6 and would like to apply for your badges please email your application forms to

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