Exam Dates for Candidates - 2023
DateExam detail
6/3/2023Year 11 Drama Practical Exam
9/3/2023 - 17/3/2023 Year 11/13 Spring Mocks 
20/3/2023 - 22/3/2023YEAR 11 Business Studies Speaking/Presentation Exam. Exam slots to be allocated to each student by Mr Brown.
24/3/2023Year 13 A Level Drama Practical Exam
21/4/2023GCSE Art Practical Exam 5hrs Day 1
24/4/2023GCSE Art Practical Exam 5hrs Day 2
2/5/2023A Level Art Practical Exam 5hrs
15/5/2023 – 23/6/2023Year 11/13 Summer Season Exams
8/6/2023 & 28/6/2023Year 11/13 Summer Series Contingency days (these are set aside in case the exam board need to reschedule an exam due to a national emergency or exam paper leak)
19/6/2023 – 30/6/2023Year 10/12 Summer Mocks
Summer Exam Series 2023

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Exams & Data Officer – Mrs C Ingram

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Telephone – 015394 40810

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