Welcome to Year 11, a busy and hugely important year as you head towards your summer exams and the completion of your coursework across all of your subjects. Your teachers will be giving you every opportunity to achieve your best, they will be expecting you to meet tight deadlines and to arrive at lessons with an excellent attitude to learning. They will also be expecting you to maintain a healthy balance between your work and leisure time so keep up with your sporting, outdoor and creative activities as they provide an important break from your studies.

You will be thinking carefully about next year and the opportunities available to you and again, the staff at The Lakes School are here to help you with your choice of sixth form courses or apprenticeships. It is useful at this time to begin looking at university requirements and the qualifications you will need to follow a particular career. Again, the Russell Group Informed Choices document may offer some helpful guidance for you as you consider your options. During Year 11 there will be a sixth form choices evening for you and your parents to attend to learn more about the A-Level choices available at The Lakes School. 

Work hard and make the most of Year 11. The grades you get this year can open up opportunities throughout the rest of your life.

The Year 11 curriculum at The Lakes School is designed to help you continue the momentum you have built up from Year 10. The diagram below shows the number of lessons you will study for each of your subjects. Each of the blocks represent a one hour lesson across your two week timetable.


Thinking of Sixth Form?

You should be!

Sixth Form at The Lakes School is a perfect option for so many of our Year 11 students. We offer courses which provide a blend of academic and vocational study with a reputation for helping our students secure places at their first choice university.

We have a broad range of subjects on offer in our Sixth Form. The link below takes you to our established course offer but do talk to us if there is a course you would like to follow which is not listed below as we are developing a number of links with other providers which might help us provide you with just the right programme of courses to suit you.

You can access details about our Sixth Form course offer on our Year 12 page via this link Year 12 at The Lakes School.

Sixth Form Application
Dear Parent/Carer and Student,
Please see below the link to the application to join our 6th form in September. 
The link takes the form of a questionnaire. It asks you to choose available subjects from the subject blocks and also requests some information about your plans after you leave school. Once you press submit it is automatically returned to us. We would like these forms submitted to us by Monday 17th April. If we feel the choices made match your career and/or higher education goals and build on your strengths as we know them, we will contact you early in the summer term to offer you a place in the 6th form, conditional on your achieving the minimum entry requirements in the summer exams.
It may well be that you wish to discuss options with someone before making your choice of subjects. If that is the case please use Q 12 on the application form to indicate you wish to speak to someone and we will arrange it early in the summer term.
EPQ is available to all students and therefore doesn’t need to be selected from the option blocks.
If you have any concerns regarding the form or the process, please don’t hesitate to contact me at school.
Chris JeremySenior Administrator
The Lakes School in the heart of the lakes