“The music curriculum inspires, challenges and empowers students. Our aim is to nurture creative and expressive ways of thinking, composing and performing. We meet this aim by supporting and challenging our students in a positive and exciting environment. We enjoy the relationships we have with our students. We provide a stable, organised environment with clear boundaries. Opportunities for support are available during lessons and in various formal and informal extra-curricular sessions. We want to showcase student work in regular changing displays and performances in classrooms and in the wider school/community. We believe in opportunities outside of the school community enrich the learning we do inside it and so trips and visits to various music events play a large role in our vision. We believe it is essential that all students engage in a wide range of experiences which stimulate creative, imaginative and expressive responses. Embedding the basic foundational knowledge to succeed in performing, variety of styles, listening to and composing music and studying the work of diverse practitioners will lead to more sustained independent inquiry led by the student and supported by the teacher. We hope to create confident, creative individuals with a range of transferrable knowledge that will help them thrive in society and the world of work of the future.”

Music Curriculum Year 7 - Year 9

Music Curriculum Year 10 - Year 11