In the Maths department we would like every student to be able to access the curriculum as we recognise the importance of mathematical literacy.

We want to support all students in developing their mathematical skills and understanding during their time at The Lakes School.

We expect all pupils to have a pen, pencil, ruler, compass and protractor for maths lessons as well as an appropriate calculator (fx-85gtx up to and including GCSE, CG50 for A level).

Maths in other subjects

Maths and the skills learned through maths are used on a daily basis. This includes other subjects across the school. This document shows some of those links. We work closely to support other departments with maths skills.

Careers in Maths

Maths is everywhere and so many professions require people to have a good command of Maths. Follow the link below to find out information about a wide range of maths careers.

Maths Careers

Inspired by Maths?

Whether you’re a talented mathematician or just keen to improve your maths skills, we have many ways that you can enjoy maths at The Lakes School.

One of our most popular activities is through the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust where students compete against schools from across the UK to achieve bronze, silver and gold certificates. Students compete individually and in teams to work through a range of challenging maths based problems that also test logic, computational thinking and problem solving. Click the link below for more information.

United Kingdom Mathematics Trust

Student SharePoint