The Lakes School has a very strong extra-curricular activities programme. There are so many staff at the school who offer a wide range of clubs and activities at break time, lunch time, after school and sometimes even before school! You can find out about our extra-curricular activities by looking at the table below.
Taking part in extra-curricular activities can help you learn skills that are needed in your timetabled lessons and they can also provide you with a much needed break from all of your hard work. We hope to see you at some of our extra-curricular sessions in the near future. Why not set yourself a target? Which activities are you going to attend this term?
DayClubYear GroupsTimeRoomStaff
Spring Term Clubs 2018
MondayArt AccessAll11.00-11.20 and 1.20-2.00
ArtMr Hardy and Mrs Black
MondayBoys HockeyAll3.15-4.30AstroMrs Jeffrey
MondayChoirAll1.20-2.00MusicMr Theobald
TuesdayArt AccessAll11.00-11.20 and 1.20-2.00
ArtMr Hardy and Mrs Black
TuesdayCraft ClubAll1.30-2.00Room 15Mrs Latham
TuesdayGCSE Art10 and 113.15-4.30ArtMiss Black
TuesdayFootballAll3.15-4.30AstroMr Robinson
TuesdayMathsYear 113.10-4.00MathsMrs Harris
Meet in Room 3Miss Rowland
TuesdayNetballAll3.15-4.30Sports HallMrs Jeffrey/Mrs Musetti
TuesdayMaths Revision113.15-4.15Mr Magee's RoomMr Magee
TuesdayEnglish113.15-4.30Mrs Dixon's RoomMrs Dixon
TuesdayEnglish WritingYear 9 Boys3.15-4.30Mr Barr's RoomMr Barr
WednesdayArt AccessAll11.00-11.20 and 1.20-2.00
ArtMr Hardy and Mrs Black
WednesdayBasketballAll3.15-4.30SportshallMr Robinson
WednesdayCreative WritingAll1.20-2.00LibraryMiss Wilson
WednesdayGirls HockeyAll3.15-4.30AstroMrs Jeffrey/Mrs Musetti
WednesdayGirls Boxing FitnessYear 10 and 11 Girls3.30-4.30PASMrs Oram/Miss Evans
WednesdayMathsYear 133.10-4.00MathsMrs Harris
WednesdayProduct DesignY113.10-4.00WorkshopMr Sharp
WednesdayTextilesY113.10-4.00Textiles RoomMiss Anderson
ThursdayArt AccessAll11.00-11.20 and 1.20-2.00
ArtMr Hardy and Mrs Black
ThursdayBook ClubAll1.20-2.00LibraryMiss Wilson
ThursdayEnglish11 3.15-4.30Mr Kielty's RoomMr Kielty
ThursdayEnglish EAL ClubYears 7, 8 and 93.15-4.30Mrs Shaw's RoomMrs Shaw
ThursdayEnglish College Catch-up113.15-4.30Miss Birkbeck's Room Miss Birkbeck
FridayArt AccessAll11.00-11.20 and 1.20-2.00
ArtMr Hardy and Mrs Black
FridayBadmintonAll3.15-4.30SportshallMrs Jeffrey
FridayOxford Computing ChallengeAll3.15-4.30pmMr Revell's RoomMr Revell

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