The Lakes School has a very strong extra-curricular activities programme. There are so many staff at the school who offer a wide range of clubs and activities at break time, lunch time, after school and sometimes even before school! You can find out about our extra-curricular activities by looking at the table below.
Taking part in extra-curricular activities can help you learn skills that are needed in your timetabled lessons and they can also provide you with a much needed break from all of your hard work. We hope to see you at some of our extra-curricular sessions in the near future. Why not set yourself a target? Which activities are you going to attend this term?
DayClubYear GroupsTimeRoomStaff
MondayArt AccessY7LunchtimeRoom 29Mr Hardy
MondayArt AccessY11 ArtistsLunchtimeRoom 30Mr Hardy
MondayBoys HockeyY7, Y8 & Y93.15-4.15/4.20AstroPE Team
TuesdayArt AccessY8LunchtimeRoom 29Mr Hardy
TuesdayArt AccessY11 ArtistsLunchtimeRoom 30Mr Hardy
TuesdayWarhammer ClubY7, Y8, Y9, Y10 & Y113.10-4.10Room 115Mr Metcalfe
TuesdayD of E Bronze trainingY103.10 with varying finish time depending on activityPerforming Art StudioMr Magee and Dr Dickinson
TuesdayGirls HockeyAll3.15-4.15/4.20AstroPE Team
TuesdayFootballY9, Y8, Y9, Y10 & Y113.15-4.15/4.20GrassPE Team
TuesdayWarhammer ClubY7, Y8, Y9, Y10 & Y113.10-4.10Room 115Mr Metcalfe
WednesdayArt AccessY9 ArtistsLunchtimeRoom 29Mr Hardy
WednesdayArt AccessY11 ArtistsLunchtimeRoom 30Mr Hardy
WednesdayBusiness Studies Coursework ClubY11LunchtimeRoom 105Business Studies
WednesdayWomen in History ClubY9 & Y10LunchtimeRoom 1Miss Fisher
WednesdayUkulele GroupAllLunchtimeMusic RoomMr Clarke
WednesdayBusiness Exam RevisionY103.15-4.15Room 105Business Studies
WednesdayDramaY9 & Y103.10-4.00Room 13 & StageMr Cartwright & Mr Hardy
WednesdayFootballY7 & Y83.15-4.15/4.20AstroPE Team
ThursdayArt AccessY10 ArtistsLunchtimeRoom 29Mr Hardy
ThursdayArt AccessY11 ArtistsLunchtimeRoom 30Mr Hardy
ThursdayBusiness Studies Coursework ClubY11LunchtimeRoom 105Business Studies
ThursdayNetballAll3.15-4.15/4.20MUGAPE Team
FridayArt AccessY10 ArtistsLunchtimeRoom 29Mr Hardy
FridayArt AccessY11 ArtistsLunchtimeRoom 30Mr Hardy
FridayBusiness Studies Coursework ClubY11LunchtimeRoom 105Business Studies
FridayChoirAllLunchtimeMusic RoomMr Clarke
FridayBadmintonAll3.15-4.15/4.20Sports HallMrs Jeffrey
The Lakes School in the heart of the lakes