Becoming an outstanding learner is the key if you are going to be successful at The Lakes School. This starts with your attitude to learning. Our students have set out what they believe are the most important parts of your attitude to learning to ensure you achieve your potential. We use these expectations about your attitude to learning when we report to parents about your progress and they show parents what you are and are not doing in lessons. Your teachers will also talk to you and your parents about your attitude to learning using the information you can see below.

Your teachers will also talk to you about how you can develop outstanding learning behaviours. These are high level skills and behaviours that will help you achieve the top grades in your studies and they are just the things that Universities and employers are looking for in their new recruits. These outstanding learning behaviours differ between subjects and depend on the challenges and activities you are faced with; get them right and you will be successful.

Try and think carefully about what each of the words mean to you and if you want to know more about each of the outstanding learning behaviours then please click on the iconsbelow to find out more information.  Displaying any of these behaviours in your lessons or around school is something that you can receive merits for so get to work and start developing these behaviours today.

So now you know the keys to being successful at The Lakes School. Start work today on your attitude to learning and becoming an outstanding learner!

As a resilient learner you will overcome challenges and difficulties and see them as opportunities to learn. Even when things aren’t going your way, you seem to find a way to succeed and you will look back proudly and think about what you have achieved against the odds. Resilient learners and resilient people never give up.
As an ambitious learner, you will always have your sights set on being the best you can be and achieving more than you ever thought possible. Being ambitious means that you will never settle for second best and you will set high standards for yourself. Ambitious learners look to the future and work out how they are going to fulfil their dreams.
As a positive learner, you are always upbeat about the challenges you face. You may find things difficult at times but people around you feed off your positivity and become part of a team that helps you all succeed. Positive learners always find a way to overcome difficult times and take the time to celebrate what they have achieved.
As an independent learner, you enjoy taking charge of situations and you know that, sometimes, it’s important to rely on your own ingenuity and common sense to solve a problem. During lessons, you enjoy seeking out the next opportunity to learn and you are reluctant to wait for the teacher before you move on to the next task. Independent learners enjoy getting on with things and making things happen – for themselves and others.
As an efficient learner, you shy away from procrastinating. If there’s a job to be done and set time for it to be completed then you rise to the challenge and make the most of your time. You organise yourself and others without fuss and use your planner or diary to keep you focused week after week. Efficient learners get to the end of the day and look back with pride knowing that they have achieved everything they set out to achieve.
As a productive learner, you often amaze yourself with the amount of work you get done during a lesson. Time seems to fly by because you are engrossed in your work and you wish there were more hours in the day. As a result of being productive, you learn new skills and knowledge quickly and this helps you achieve your potential. Productive learners understand the link between being successful and the need to work hard.


As a focused learner, you avoid being distracted and you actively encourage others to follow your example. You absorb yourself in your work in the knowledge that you will be more productive if you remain focused. Focused learners make the most of their time and are seen by others as being effective learners.
As a receptive learner, you are always open to feedback from your teachers and from your peers. You welcome advice about how you can improve your work and then take the necessary action to make those improvements. Receptive learners accept that they may not know everything and always take opportunities to learn from others.


As an inquisitive learner, you are always asking questions. You see your teachers, your friends, your classmates, visitors and your family as people who can help you better understand the world and you can often be heard asking them for clarification or advice. Inquisitive learners have a thirst for knowledge and an enquiring mind which means they see learning as a fun part of their everyday life.


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