Our aim is to make sure that all students gain the knowledge they need to become safe and effective IT users in their future learning and employment. We also aim to provide all students with a basic grounding in computer science, so that they have the option to pursue this as a choice in Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5. Our hope is that The Lakes School will continue to contribute to the pool of Computer Science graduates. This will benefit individuals through enhanced career prospects and also help to meet the skills need of the UK.

Python is a well respected and commonly used industry standard programming language and we have provided links below to help students download Python or make use of Python in a browser.

Computing Curriculum Year 7 - Year 9


The exact timing of work is subject to some change, but a typical year can be seen below:

Subject Area Curriculum and Assessment Plan

Computing Curriculum Year 10 - Year 11
Computing Curriculum Year 12 - Year 13

Online Python


Python Replit

Python Download