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Our aim is to nurture creative ways of thinking by supporting and challenging students in a positive visually exciting environment. We enjoy the relationships we have with our students. We provide a stable, organised environment with clear boundaries.

We believe it is essential that all students engage in a wide range of experiences which stimulate creative and imaginative responses. Drawing from observation is used as a primary tool of investigation leading to more sustained inquiry using a wide variety of media.​

We introduce students to a wide range of artists, craftspeople and designers from across history and from diverse cultures; we encourage our students to make links between their own and others’ practice.

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What skills will you learn through the study of art?

Decision making

An appreciation of diversity


Interpersonal and social skills

Self motivation and self management

The ability to work independently

Creative problem solving


Visual presentation

Imagination and creativity

Oral and written communication

Creative use of IT software

Critical awareness of self and others (being reflective)

Careers in Art & Design

Are you interested in pursuing a career in Art and Design? If the answer is yes, then the links below will help.

Art Careers: Advice and Ideas

Art Careers: The Definitive List


Pinterest is a fantastic source of inspiration and The Lakes School Art Department has its own account.

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Year 7 Animal Exploration

This unit aims to give pupils a thorough grounding in basic Art skills, and an introduction to Art as taught at secondary level. 

Pupils will work on the theme of animals, particularly focusing on pattern and similarities to non-Western Art. 

Pupils will explore a wide range of techniques and media and will research and document their understanding of how Artists, Designers and Craftspeople have tackled similar subject matter. 

All lesson tasks and homework assignments are structured to allow a certain amount of open-endedness. 

Students will make considered decisions later as their confidence builds through experience. 

Students will be encouraged to make informed judgements based on sound working knowledge.​

Year 7 Architecture

This unit aims to build on basic skills learned in the first unit of Year 7. Connections outside of the (fine) art world are made by encouraging pupils to look at buildings locally (as well as internationally). 

Group work is a strong feature of this unit.​

Year 8
Year 8
Year 8
Year 9 Distorted Portraits

Working on the theme of self portrait, pupils will explore their use of media, recapping on the basic skills of composition, drawing from observation, colour mixing and handling paint. They will be able to make a response to the portrait work of other artists.

Pupils will find various ways to distort previous work, and will combine this to develop a large scale final piece.

Year 9 Non-Western Art

This unit aims to build on the drawing, printmaking and construction skills learned during the previous two years as well as refining their use of tools and media. The unit is designed to produce more independent research and responses to a theme in a GCSE style. The timing of the unit is intended to help students make a decision whether to study GCSE Art in Year 10 & 11 

The advantage of choosing an Art Historical theme with such diversity and scope as non-Western Art is in the research objectives. Students begin by making observations of artefacts within the department, from first hand observation during a Museum visit, and secondary sources both in the department and from pupil’s own research. Key themes, ideas, patterns and ideas are drawn from this research to produce resolved final pieces.

The homework programme offers opportunities to develop ideas in other, more design oriented directions.

Year 9 Letter Forms

This unit aims to approach the area of design with a contemporary, creative approach. Through exploring work by current practitioners and products students will realise the link between design and the world around them.​

Year 10
Year 10
Year 11
Year 11

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