The Lakes School has a truly remarkable history. The school site holds many secrets which most notably include the Holocaust survivors known as The Windermere Boys, the Calgarth Estate where the Boys stayed and went to school and the opening of The Lakes School in 1965. You can learn about our unique history below.

The Lakes School was opened on Friday 8th October 1965

This document is a scan of the brochure from the official opening.
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Celebrating 25 Years

In 1990, The Lakes School celebrated its first 25 years and this document brings together a series of landmarks in the school’s history.
Inside, you will learn about the decisions that led to the school’s existence, the bringing together of students from Windermere Grammar School, Kelsick Grammar School and The Old College and a number of the school’s traditions that are still going strong today.
You can also find out about a number of former students.
Download a zipped PDF of a booklet

Lake District Holocaust Project
Through the work of Trevor Avery and The Lake District Holocaust Project, the history of The Lakes School prior to its opening in 1965 has been charted and brought to life through the museum at Windermere library and also through the websites and Another Space.

The period before the school opened is extremely important to our students and we look forward to sharing more with you through our website.

Students from The Lakes School have recently contributed oral history recounts to the story of the Calgarth Estate and the Droomer Estate – two significant pieces of local history. You can read more about this story on the Westmorland Gazette website here.

The Lakes School in the heart of the lakes