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Thank you for considering The Lakes School as your choice of secondary school. Making the step from Year 6 in to Year 7 can be quite daunting but we will do our best to ensure that you feel comfortable and settle in well. Why don’t you write a letter! Many Year 6 children have written a letter to Mr Cunningham, the Headteacher of The Lakes School. You can tell him about your hobbies and interests and your thoughts about moving to The Lakes School. Mr Cunningham always writes back so put pen to paper today!

Staff from our Student Development Team work closely with your primary school so that we can learn as much about you as possible before you arrive so that we can ensure that you settle in quickly with people you know; we are sure that you are also looking forward to making some new friends for life.

The work you do at your primary school is so important as it will help you get off to a flying start when you join us in Year 7. We are particularly keen for you to keep up the high standards you have achieved with your writing which is why we ask your teachers to send us a copy of your best writing. Your teachers at The Lakes School will then be able to make sure that your are continuing to use all of the writing skills your amazing teachers have taught you in your primary school. They will also be able to check that you are maintaining high standards in the way you present your work. We look forward to reading your amazing pieces of writing.

During the summer, a large number of Year 5 students came to visit The Lakes School for the day. We gave them a postcard and asked them to write about their day and send it back to Mr Cunningham. Click on the tabs to find out what they said about their visit.
Dear Mr Cunningham, I really enjoyed being at The Lakes School on Friday. I became friends with lots of people from different schools. Thank you so much. P.S. I really did enjoy it! Teagan
Thank you very much for letting me come to The Lakes School, I really enjoyed it. All of your pupils were very sensible and kind and the global leaders were amazing! Thank you for all the activities I did, they were really fun. Thank you so much. Hannah
Dear Mr Cunningham, Thank you for inviting me to The Lakes School taster day. It was fantastic! I really enjoyed baking. I think I might come to The Lakes School. Because I think it is the right size (not to big) and plus my sister goes to The Lakes School. I loved science. It was amazing. I loved the bright sparkles from the chemicals. I love The Lakes School. Thank you again. Alexander
To Sir, I had a fantastic day at your school mainly because I won the rocket competition! The thing that I enjoyed the most was the science hydrogen! Your school is amazing. I give …*****!!! (5 stars) Isabelle
Thank you very much for inviting me to your school. I had a fab time at each of the lessons. Joseph
I really enjoyed it at The Lakes School. I learned some new things like how to use a Bunsen burner. I particularly enjoyed art. Thank you. Holly
Dear Mr Cunningham, Thank you for a great time at The Lakes School. My favourite lesson was art and I can’t wait to go to The Lakes. The teachers and you were amazing. Hope you can reply. Bethan
Dear Mr Cunningham, I really enjoyed the visit to The Lakes School. My favourite lesson was probably Art, but the others were good too. Caitlyn
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