Year 8 is really important as you prepare to make choices about some of the subjects you might want to study in Year 9. Your teachers will be helping you keep up the momentum with your learning from Year 7 and you need to be working particularly hard on your attitude to learning and developing good study habits both in the classroom and at home. Your GCSEs may seem a long way in the future but it is important to remember that everything you are studying now will help you in the years to come.

One of the most exciting things about being a Year 8 student at The Lakes School is that, during the spring term, we will give you a small choice about some of the subjects you wish to study when you move in to Year 9. You will be able to choose 3 subjects from Art, Drama, Music, Catering, Resistant Materials and Textiles which means that you will have more lessons in the subjects you do well in and enjoy the most and this will help you move on more quickly before you start your GCSEs. Your teachers will tell you more about this during the year and we will also have an information evening during the spring term for you and your parents.

This is something our current Year 9 students really enjoy. They tell us that they like being able spend more time in the lessons that they might choose as GCSE options. Before you make your choices, it is really important that you work hard in all of your subjects throughout Year 8 so that you can make an informed decision about which subjects to study in Year 9.

Find out more about the options available to you by taking a peak at the ‘Moving in to Year 9 – What are my options?’ section below.

Accelerated Reader
Reading widely and reading often is so important if you are going to achieve your best across all of your subjects at The Lakes School. To help you, every student in Year seven and Year eight takes part in our Accelerated Reader programme.

This programme ensures that you are reading books that are matched to your ability and rewards you for correctly answering questions about what you have read by completing online tests that you can access in school or at home. We even have special prizes for students who reach an amazing milestone and read one million words!

To find out more about the Accelerated Reader programme, click on the link below…

Your Year 8 curriculum is an important stepping stone towards your Year 9 studies and preparation for your Key Stage 4 choices. The details of your Year 8 curriculum are shown below. Each of the blocks represent a one hour lesson across your two week timetable.

Moving in to Year 9 - What are my options?

This section provides more information about the options available to our students as they move in to Year 9 and begin to make decisions about the subjects they might want to continue in to their GCSE studies during Year 10 and Year 11. Students will choose from the options shown below and we know that students do well when they have discussed their choices with their parents and their teachers, particularly where a student might be unsure about one of their choices. Talking about the choices available always helps so do please get in touch if you would like to talk through the options available to your child.

Here is a typical options form for Year 8 students which is normally sent out to parents and students around February or March each year.

Below, you can find details from each subject area about the work you will be covering throughout Year 9 which will help you make your choices.

Y8 Options Information


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