Whether you are currently studying at The Lakes School or you are a student at another school or college, making the right decision about where you should undertake the next stage of your learning will play a key part in determining your future success.

At The Lakes School, we believe that we have a lot to offer students in the Sixth Form. We strive to ensure our students succeed by providing an environment where students are well supported in an atmosphere which promotes learning. Here, every student is treated as an individual with strengths and abilities to cherish and extend. In this way students are supported and encouraged to acquire the skills and qualifications they need to enable them to fulfil their career aspirations.

The Sixth Form offers a broad curriculum. Alongside a comprehensive A-Level offering, we have vocational courses to fully support students for whom A-Levels are not the preferred option. We also feel that students should broaden their experience by taking part in non-examination studies, community service and extra curricular activities. Our philosophy is directed towards the development of mature, independent young adults, who are able to direct and organise their own academic studies and social lives, thereby enabling them to become contributing and confident members of society.

Our sixth form students have an impressive history of gaining outstanding results; every year a high percentage achieve a place at university. We are exceptionally proud of the results of our former students, with five obtaining places at Oxbridge Universities in the last few years.

Take a moment to read some of the testimonials below which will give you an insight to the subjects we offer at The Lakes School Sixth Form.

Sixth Form Application
Dear Parent/Carer and Student,
Please see below the link to the application to join our 6th form in September. 
The link takes the form of a questionnaire. It asks you to choose available subjects from the subject blocks and also requests some information about your plans after you leave school. Once you press submit it is automatically returned to us. We would like these forms submitted to us by Monday 17th April. If we feel the choices made match your career and/or higher education goals and build on your strengths as we know them, we will contact you early in the summer term to offer you a place in the 6th form, conditional on your achieving the minimum entry requirements in the summer exams.
It may well be that you wish to discuss options with someone before making your choice of subjects. If that is the case please use Q 12 on the application form to indicate you wish to speak to someone and we will arrange it early in the summer term.
EPQ is available to all students and therefore doesn’t need to be selected from the option blocks.
If you have any concerns regarding the form or the process, please don’t hesitate to contact me at school.
Chris JeremySenior Administrator

The art course is great because it gives you loads of flexibility to be creative in your own way and learn lots of new and exciting techniques. The last year gives you complete freedom to choose and develop whichever techniques you enjoy most and allows you to create work that you’re really proud of. There was a lot more freedom than I expected, especially compared to the lower years in school, it’s really fun because you’re always creating and studying work that interests you personally and everyone’s work is different which is really interesting. 

In Year 12 and 13 the teachers are always there to support your work and help you create your own pieces, although they act more as a guide in order to help your work come to life rather than to constantly teach you and so you get to learn a lot more on your own and about yourself. They expect you to work hard but also have fun! They always want you to enjoy your work and be proud of what you have achieved. This subject is perfect if you enjoy being creative and working in a fun atmosphere! Ellie Cianchi

This course gives you the opportunity to answer some of your lifelong questions on how life works through broad, descriptive topics and practical work. From courtship behaviour of animals to how nerves transmit messages to and from the brain, the range of areas this course explores gives insight to many future opportunities and is vital when doing any medical professions. Practical assessments aid you in team building skills and you get plenty opportunities to develop your skills independently. This is perfect for you if you are an inquisitive mind and have an interest for how the world works. Isaac Whitney

A-Level chemistry builds upon knowledge learnt at GCSE level in more depth answering many of the ‘but why?’ questions that students ask. Difficult concepts are made easier by the use of practicals throughout Year 12 and 13 helping students grasp a deeper understanding of the subject. Isobel Kelly

Literature at A-Level is the perfect subject for you if you enjoy analysing texts, and thinking about and discussing the deeper meaning behind them. The course includes novels, plays and poetry, so there is something to suit everyone. These texts are graded by exams, but you will also have the chance to choose your own novels to write on in coursework, giving you the freedom to explore the themes that excite you most – this could be anything, from Witchcraft to Comedy. Literature is an A-Level that provides opportunities to both develop and question your views. Maisie Prescott

The course is really enjoyable if you are a fan of films or television. For anyone who is creative or moved by film emotionally, the course is very focused on effects on audience and film purposes. The course consists of 70% exam based and 30% coursework so it enables you to not only study films of different genres, but you can also either create your own short film for coursework or a screenplay. The coursework aspect of Film Studies allows you to use your knowledge, which you have to learn from the studied films, to become your own director or screenwriter and create any kind of piece that you desire. Ruby Hird

Although challenging, A-Level Further Maths is a very interesting and rewarding subject. It allows you to understand the intricacies of maths and how it relates to many parts of everyday life. It requires a lot of concentration and dedication to the work to ensure you fully understand any complicated concepts that arise. One great thing about the course is the choice you get. You can choose from a variety of modules including statistics, mechanics, decision and pure maths modules which allows you to tailor the course in the most beneficial way for you. The study of further maths also enhances your understanding during A-Level maths, as you can make links and understand the foundations of the concepts you learn on the course, which is extremely helpful. The further maths course is challenging and requires a lot of hard work, but it is a very interesting course which is perfect for a student who has an interest in maths. Josie Sanderson

Geography is an exciting and interesting subject which builds on your GCSE knowledge as well as exploring new topics such as superpowers. The course contains a mixture of human and physical topics. You will have the opportunity to learn about world issues as well as looking into physical aspects such as coasts and tectonics. There are exciting field trips which help you understand parts of the course as well as the trip to Iceland in Year 12. 20% of the grade you receive is from your coursework which involves a geographical investigation which allows you to spend time outside the classroom in the local area. The course does contain a lot of work and content, so choose this subject if you are willing to do extra work and keep on top of revision. It is a great subject to choose for A-Level. Charlie Dixon

Although History involves a lot of work and commitment, it is exciting and interesting studying The Crusades and Wars of the Roses which weren’t covered at any point during the GCSE topics. It is a contrast from the mainly modern history topics taught at GCSE but there are recognisable themes which you can link to your knowledge. There is also a coursework element to history which allows you to explore an area of history independently throughout the two years, concluding in an essay. Choose this course if you want to strengthen your skills of independent research and knowledge on Historical events that have dramatically shaped our present. Emily Halsall

 IT allows you to learn more about coding and the ward of technology. If you enjoy the subject at GCSE and A-level IT is the perfect subject for you to develop your knowledge further. It also opens up many potential careers to help you in your future job roles. Reece Davis

Maths is a great subject for problem solving – finding different ways to solve equations becomes more satisfying as the equations get increasingly difficult, and the three different parts of the subject (pure, mechanics and statistics) allow for a broader view and deeper understanding of all the different aspects of life that revolve around maths. If physics and the way the world works interests you, this subject is perfect. Noah Stone

Physical Education offers a different style of learning to most other subjects. PE allows you to learn about all aspects of sport whilst developing your own practical skills. PE opens up many potential career pathways within sport and also in other areas. Zach Shirra

The concepts and skills you learn In GCSE Physics are taken to new levels with the step up to A-Levels as you broaden your knowledge of the subject. This course allows you to study many aspects of how the universe operates, ranging from astrophysics to the mechanisms of engines. Developing your lab skills is also an important part of the course as you get to take part in many interesting practical experiments which help to further your understanding of the topics which you study. Notably, to anyone considering taking A-Level maths, there is a crossover between the two subject’s content which makes studying physics and maths together a great idea for anyone wishing to pursue a career in engineering or mechanics. Lisa Morton

Spanish A-Level not only allows you to learn more about the language but also to learn about the cultures of Spanish speaking countries. During the course you learn a lot about new cultures which vary greatly from our own providing an interesting and very different learning opportunity to all other subjects. Zach Shirra

Choose this subject if you like researching and creating your reports around lots of different elements in the business world. BTEC Business is very similar to Business at Key Stage 4, however the information is more in-depth therefore you are expected to go into more detail. Your teachers will expect you to be an independent student therefore you are expected to do your own research to complete the coursework. The business studies course includes many topics such as the recruitment process which will give you the skills and experience for the future. The business studies course is 100% coursework which is perfect for students who don’t find exams a strength. Vanilla Duffin

This course allows you to be really creative and come up with your own ways of solving real world problems. The wide range of different trips available further help to inspire you within your own work. You create a portfolio surrounding all the work you do for your own design brief which is a great bonus when applying to universities. The course is 50/50 coursework and exam meaning you have an equal chance in both practical work and theory work to get your A Level. You have to be very independent within this course, creating your own deadlines and keeping on track with work. Choose this subject if you are able to be independent with work, enjoy challenging your creative side and problem solving and are willing to put 100% into your work. Emily Cooper

Sixth Form Course Details

Click on the link below to view more details about each of the courses we offer at The Lakes School Sixth Form.

6th Form Options


We have a broad range of subjects on offer in our Sixth Form. The list below covers our established course offer but do talk to us if there is a course you would like to follow which is not listed below as we are developing a number of links with other providers which might help us provide you with just the right programme of courses to suit you.

You can access details about our Sixth Form course offer via this link – 6th Form Options

Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification provides a fantastic opportunity for Sixth Form students to immerse themselves in an area of academic study that inspires them. Through a 5000 word essay, the organisation of an event or the production of an artefact, Sixth Form students at The Lakes School can demonstrate to Universities and employers that they have the ability to study at degree level.

At The Lakes School, many Sixth Form students study the Extended Project Qualification, often out of an interest in something close to their hearts. Recently, students have produced highly academic essays and artefacts based on a variety of topics including medicine, criminology, law, extinction of animals, photography and sustainable fashions.

The EPQ is very well respected by Universities and can help students secure a place on their preferred degree course. The EPQ carries UCAS points.

Speak to your Sixth Form tutor or Mr France or Ms Rainey if you are interested in studying the EPQ.

Click here to download the EPQ Guidance Booklet

Stepping into the Sixth Form

The transition from Year 11 to the Sixth Form can be a huge step for many students. Here at The Lakes School we encourage independent learning. Our enthusiastic staff are committed to providing the essential skills for the move into higher education or employment. Despite a more relaxed atmosphere, we consistently strive to maintain the important balance between work and play, enforcing a strong work ethic. In addition to our academic courses, we offer many other opportunities throughout the Sixth Form.

Sixth form flexible working
Charity Events

The main thrust of charity fund raising in the school takes place through the Sixth Form Charity Committee. This busy yet enjoyable part of life in the Sixth Form is centred on organising events and setting personal targets to raise money for specific charities


Outdoor education is a huge part of The Lakes School due to the location of our school and our passion for the activities. A diverse range of indoor and outdoor activities is available throughout the week, both during and after school time.

Visits and Visitors

Throughout the year different subjects offer a variety of educational visits. This gives students the opportunity to enhance their subject knowledge as well as offering the chance to undertake new experiences. In addition we bring a wide range of visitors into school to work with our students. The school also enjoys an annual ski trip to the Alps every February.

Career Mentoring Scheme

In order to help our students access as much information and advice as possible to help them progress towards their chosen career path, the school offers a Career Mentoring Scheme. The scheme gives students an opportunity to meet with local contacts from different professions and trades, often on a one to one basis, who are willing to share their professional knowledge, insider information and experience to help students make the right decisions regarding their careers.

Social Events

Another highlight of the year is undoubtedly the Summer Leavers’ Ball, organised by the Sixth Form. It provides students and staff with an opportunity to relax and celebrate the end of a busy year.

The Lakes School in the heart of the lakes