“The Drama curriculum inspires, challenges and empowers students. Our aim is to nurture creative and expressive ways of devising, rehearsing and performing. Opportunities for support are available during lessons and in various formal and informal extra-curricular sessions especially in key stage 4. Students showcase their work in performances in the safe and supportive environment of the drama studio. We believe in opportunities outside of the school community enrich the learning we do inside it and so trips and visits to theatre and digital streaming of theatre have an important role in our vision.

We believe it is essential that all students engage in a wide range of experiences which stimulate creative, imaginative and expressive responses. Embedding the basic foundational knowledge to succeed in performing, variety of dramatic styles, watching and reviewing the work of diverse practitioners will lead to more sustained independent inquiry led by the student and supported by the teacher. We hope to create confident, creative individuals with a range of transferrable knowledge that will help them thrive in society and the world of work of the future.”

Devised pieces of drama form the backbone of our work here at the Lakes. The ability to respond to an initial idea (or stimulus) and create an original piece of Drama is one of the hardest and yet most rewarding aspects of the subject. Year 7s learn how to structure these pieces using primary Dramatic techniques (Freeze, Mime, Aside) and basic acting skills (Vocal and Physical). Year 8s learn how to communicate meaning within the pieces they develop, focuses include style and theme. When students choose to take Drama in Year 9 they have the opportunity to expand in greater depth both their practical knowledge and ability develop original pieces of Drama.

Throughout their time in Drama lessons we also provide students with the knowledge of how to understand and appreciate the work of professional theatre looking at scripted performances. Year 7 benefit from ‘Peter Pan goes wrong’ by Mischief theatre. Year 8 ‘A midsummer nights dream’ By Shakespeare which we look at productions from the RSC and Globe theatres. Year 9 Saw a live performance of ‘Woman in Black’ this year.

KS4 Benefits from an extremely rich BTec Tech level from Pearson. We study 3 plays a contempory, a Classical and a Musical; students then develop their own scripted performances from these and final complete the course by finishing where we started by creating an original piece of drama.

Drama Curriculum Year 7 - Year 9

Drama Curriculum Year 10 - Year 11

Drama Curriculum Year 12 - Year 13
Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Year 12Topics/Themes
Curriculum Content
A level terminology
Theory. The Trial
Devised Practical
Based on Trial
Devised Practical and Written
Based on Trial
Key skills terminology
Theory. Introduction to ADDOAA and Live theatre
Mock exam
Live Theatre
Assignment of Scripted Intro to Woyzeck and summer reading
Key Assessment TasksHW reinforcing theoryPerformance AO1 & AO2CW written and performancePractice questions
CW written
Mock exam
CW written
None work experience and learn lines
Year 13Topics/Themes
Curriculum Content
Brecht with Woyzeck
Live performance and ADOAA MockWoyzeck and Brecht Final planRevision tasksx
Key Assessment TasksnoneExternal exam Performance AO1 & AO2Live performance evaluation and ADOAA MockMsndpractice questionsx