The Student Council is the students’ voice for change within The Lakes School. The council consists of two representatives from every year group as well as members of the Senior Leadership Team. The Head Boy and Head Girl also sit on the Student Council.

The representatives are elected every year by their fellow students.

The Student Council meets every two weeks and at these meetings issues are raised which are of concern to the students.  The meeting itself is chaired by an elected student representative. The Council meets over lunchtime and discusses all of the issues on the agenda. During the meeting, the members input the views from their year group and the staff present provide information on the feasibility of the motions and the cost of implementing them.

After the meeting, the minutes are distributed to all of the members, who then report back to their year groups, usually in assemblies, the outcome of the council meeting. The School Council offers a valuable opportunity for students to interact with each other and with senior members of staff and is vital to giving the students, the essence of any school, an input into improving life at The Lakes School.


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